Job Safety

July 27, 2005

Participate and Be Rewarded

I have worked closely with Circadian Technologies. Inc. over the past years. This includes losing some sleep in their Sleep Lab. I have to admit though, Dr. Ted langley did the hard part and stayed up all night with subjects being tested. Circadian represent one of the best resources in the country for information about dealing with workplace fatigue. Their tests of our original BLT Alertness Tester are definitive.

Now Circadian is doing a survey of fitness for work testing and is offering a clever reward for participants.

Here is the offer and I urge any of my readers involved in this field to check it out:

“This month’s survey concerns Fitness-for-Duty testing in the workplace. You can complete the survey at Circadian Technologies

“Fitness-for-Duty testing is usually associated with alcohol and drug screening. In 1996, 81% of employers screened workers and pre-employment prospects for illegal substances, according to the American Management Association. However, this practice dropped to 62% of employers in 2004. Many companies are opting out of drug testing because of the cost of the tests, fear of errors, legal implications, and fear of loss of highly valued employees. However, there is general agreement that testing for impairment is particularly necessary in safety-critical jobs. Current urine-based drug testing procedures rarely test for impairment while at work, so a failed (or passed) test may not indicate impairment while at work.

“Please complete our survey at to receive your free copy of the $199 overtime study, and tell us what you think about impairment testing in the workplace.

“I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Call me directly anytime at 781.676.6900. (Ask for Alex Kerin.)