Job Safety

September 30, 2005 is Alive!

We have just introduced AlertnessCentral – our new alertness testing site. (You need a password to access the system.)

Before we introduced our alertness system on the web, we wanted to be sure quality would not be compromised. We were concerned about data privacy and with security. We also wanted to be sure that test accuracy remained consistent. But the web has grown and improved. Developments of the past three years have provided solutions to many of the problems we anticipated. Still we have been very cautious about this offering.

But after completing the sleep-deprivation trials last year in Boston, Ted and I decided it was time to take the web step. Our web team was brought in and the project was launched. The results are tremendous. This will allow us to offer web-based testing worldwide. Our customers will not have to rent or purchase hardware from us. They can simply sign on with us and be given access to the site

Here is how it works. We discuss your company’s needs with you and suggest a configuration for your business. We then provide authorization for any number of workers you wish to sign up. We provide a password and you are ready. Suddenly any PC in your organization is an alertness testing station, available all day, every day. Your administrator can configure the system and its reports as he wishes. And we stand by – available to do custom applications as you wish.