Job Safety

November 2, 2005


I am just going to quote this in full. Thank you DDC.

Inattention and Fatigue Primary Causes of Workplace Accidents
Jessica Walter, DDC Command Affairs

During a recent Defense Distribution Center (DDC) Safety and Occupational Health Council meeting, DDC Safety Manager Dave Mack revealed the root cause of most workplace accidents: inattention and fatigue.

According to an internal Accident Review and Analysis, one in every five accidents is due primarily to inattention on the part of the worker. “Inattention is a normal occurrence, and although we cannot eliminate it totally, we can substantially reduce inattention in the workplace by simply reminding people to work safely,” explained Mack. “People get so absorbed in what they’re doing that they don’t realize that they’re no longer paying attention to what is going on around them,” he added. Most DDC workplace injuries occur over the summer months, so Mack and his team are working to promote safety awareness by supplying DDC depots with posters and other marketing materials to remind them to stay alert. Individual behaviors, namely inattentiveness and fatigue, accounted for nearly half of the root causes of workplace accidents according to the Accident Review and Analysis. Accidents with ambiguous root causes and equipment problems accounted for the rest.