Job Safety

June 7, 2006

Roadside Screening

Driving under the influence of drugs is, of course, just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. And a new survey out of Scotland suggests that “drug driving” is surprisingly common. A survey of 1,072 young people (25-35) found that 20% had taken illegal drugs before driving. This study, conducted by More Than, a major insurance company, has encouraged a movement to introduce additional roadside testing by the police. The push to do this is very strong in Britain where 18% of drivers killed in road accidents have traces of illicit drugs in their blood.

These proposed roadside test would check the driver’s saliva for drug traces and require a FIT test administered by a police officer. ( FIT tests typically ask the subject to perform a series of movements.)

While roadside screening is becoming more practical with the advent of better testing equipment this version seems unnecessarily invasive. If it must be done, computer based performance test (like ours) may be far more acceptable to the population and, therefore, much more likely to be used.

Research was conducted via with 1,072 people between 13 April and 8 May 2006. (69 per cent of users are aged between 25 – 35 years).