Job Safety

July 10, 2007

Union County Accident

It is not my intent to have this blog focus exclusively on individual accidents. However this one in Union County, Florida was one many people followed to try to understand the cause. Here is an extract of a newspaper article from the Gainsville Sun that explains:

“Under rules that take effect in October [2007], a truck driver cannot drive more than 12 hours in Florida following 10 consecutive hours off duty. The report stated Wilkerson [the truck driver] had the opportunity for about 90 minutes to obtain rest.

“This placed Mr. Wilkerson in an extreme state of fatigue. Like the consumption of alcohol, an extreme state of fatigue places a driver in a temporary impairment state,” the report stated. “While in this temporary state of impairment, Mr. Wilkerson’s perception and reaction skills are impaired, his judgment is impaired, his attitude is impaired, his attentiveness and coordination are also impaired. Fatigue also affects the brain’s thought processing by not allowing the brain to interpret and understand a hazardous traffic situation.”

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