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January 20, 2008

Sleep Trial

The sleep deprivation trial is complete. Aside from a couple of server problems it went exceedingly well. The trial was conducted at Anneke Heitmann’s excellent lab at her Awake! Institute. During this trial subjects were kept awake for two nights (they were allowed a two hour nap on the second day.) Subjects were wired for EEG data and tested every two hours with a battery of tests, a driving simulator and the standard BLT Alertness Test.

We are now looking at the data to see how well the BLT test correlates with the other measures. In general there is some correlation between all the tests.

I would like to see an clear corelation between the BLT test and the subject’s circadian patterns and a clear correlation with subject driving simulator performance in particular. But healthy human subjects are complex interactive data generators and we must deal with the real world data, obviously. There is a huge amount of material to look at from this trial and the results will be published as quickly as we can make sense of it.

Research is supported by the NIH.