Job Safety

July 7, 2011

Introducing Alertometer

We introduced BLT’s newest product, Alertometer, at the National Maritime Safety Association annual meeting in Vancouver.

NMSA Conference at the Wosk Center in Vancouver

Audience response was very positive. While the full networked version of this system will not be available for several months, the individual user App is available now at the Apple App store.

The software will be shaped by interactions and feedback that we receive during conferences like this one. The maritime market is a particular target for this technology since fatigue is a major safety issue in this industry. At the same time it is an industry with very traditional ways of functioning and with strong union representation. Union representatives took an active role in questioning BLT CEO Henry Bowles during this conference. By offering operators a way to assess their own level of fatigue the Alertometer will provide a valuable alternative tool for assessing individual fatigue. The safety managers present saw the potential and offered many insights into how this technology might be implemented.