Job Safety

July 11, 2011

BLT and PRISM in South Africa

Scheduling shift work to reduce worker stress and fatigue requires juggling a number of different factors at once. Testing can provide a last line of defense but good shift work management seeks to avoid putting workers in a position where they are likely to be tired and impaired in the first place. BLT continues to work with PRISM, a shift work management company, to integrate alertness testing with advanced shift scheduling.

At the Kumba Iron Ore Mine PRISM manager Marcus Wichmann has installed the a PRISM shift management system to optimize employee performance. The system incorporates advanced scheduling algorithms to insure workers are not impaired from fatigue. The BLT Alertness Test is incorporated into the software and is successfully testing hundreds of workers every day. A unique feature incorporated into the PRISM design is the ability to implement fatigue countermeasures to help employees recover from fatigue.

Ore movers at Kumba Mine, SA.


A BLT alertness test and the PRISM system use a dedicated touch screen computer for all employee interactions. This implementation illustrates the flexibility of our basic BLT technology by showing how it can be integrated into virtually any ID and testing system.