Job Safety

October 14, 2011

New at Alertometer, Version 1.2

The upgrade of the Alertometer app to version 1.2 opens a world of surprising possibilities. An individual user can continue to use the app for personal testing but he/she can upload results automatically to a company database.This information may be tracked by a safety manager to insure the workforce is alert and prepared.

Iphones connecting to the server.

To review this app please link to or download this app on your iPhone. Note: We are working on an Android version.

So lets say you have a driver in Denver who has just put in a shift. You are considering having him take another load to Salt Lake City which will involve overtime. With the Alertometer app on his iPhone you can ask him to take a short Alertometer test. While test results should not be the sole basis of a go/no go decision, having this extra data can help you make a decision about his condition.