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September 4, 2012

2012 So Far

2012 has been an exceptionally good year for us. We have expanded the iPhone audience and customer base and we have continued to see wide interest in other countries including South Africa and Singapore. Our PC based applications continue to grow with custom applications. In our opinion the iPhone application is the way to go for basic testing, but, for research use and for special applications, the PC based Alertness Central application remains in demand.

We have decided not to introduce an Android version of the iPhone software, Alertometer. This is partly to save on development costs and partly because we are not fully comfortable with Android and the complication of having 2 different platforms. Yes, this is a limitation and our customers are not always happy with having to switch to iPhones. Remember, however, that test to test reliability is very important and trying to achieve this on different platforms is problematic at best. For the moment we are staying with a single platform – the iPhone.