BLT offers a series of tests at Cogolog for measuring and tracking memory performance. Memory performance can be a good indicator of Mild Cognitive Impairment “MCI” as an indicator for Alzheimer’s Disease, trauma or any factor such as heart disease that can impair brain performance. While these tests are not meant to be a diagnostic tool they are a quick and easy way to establish a baseline of brain performance over time. 

Cogolog results can be shared with your doctor or another member through a unique Cogolog feature, the review key. This allows a Cogolog member to provide an authorization key number to another member. This key allows the other member to review the results.

Brain Function News

Heart and Mind

We have been concentrating on human impairment caused by fatigue because it is so common in the workplace particularly in shift work. But changes in general health can also cause impairment. This article summarizes results of a clinical trial involving 18,000 subjects. The ongoing study by Evan L.Thacker at Brigham Young University’s Department of Health […]

Better Interface

The new Alertometer interface a is a departure for us. Admittedly these things are more exciting to us than they are to users. But we think making things easy for our customers is important. The new site strips away the text and simply offers our customers direct way to sign up for an account. We […]

Internal Time

Till Roennberg’s new book Internal Time has some fascinating insights into the way our bodies keep track of time. Many of these ideas apply to ordinary work day situations that we all experience. It is important that we understand how the biological clock works and how it differs from individual to individual. This is especially […]

Coming Soon

There are a number of features that we are adding to the new version of the Alertometer software.. Corporate users will appreciate is the ability to create subgroups within a single account. That means a single corporate account can have any number of subgroups each with their own sign-in code. The subgroups might be based […]

New Alertometer Video

Check out our entertaining new video about the Alertometer network.