BLT offers a series of tests at Cogolog for measuring and tracking memory performance. Memory performance can be a good indicator of Mild Cognitive Impairment “MCI” as an indicator for Alzheimer’s Disease, trauma or any factor such as heart disease that can impair brain performance. While these tests are not meant to be a diagnostic tool they are a quick and easy way to establish a baseline of brain performance over time. 

Cogolog results can be shared with your doctor or another member through a unique Cogolog feature, the review key. This allows a Cogolog member to provide an authorization key number to another member. This key allows the other member to review the results.

Brain Function News

Reminder In Case You Forgot

The National Transportation Safety Board has conducted studies, which concluded driver fatigue could be significantly implicated in up to 20% of all large truck accident fatalities and 7% of all accidents involving both fatalities and injuries. In fact, one-third of drivers questioned in a survey admitted they had fallen asleep at the wheel in the […]

1500 + and Counting

Cogolog now has more than 1800 members! Thank you all for joining.

Music and Memory

Alzheimer’s Disease has more than its share of treatments that fall under the category of “it can’t hurt” in that they may not help too much but they can’t hurt either. Absent significant evidence to the contrary, I include brain games and exercises in this area. But, something called “music therapy” does seem to help […]

Progress with the Academy

My friend and colleague Dr. Wesson Ashford and others have worked for years get this kind of endorsement (see below) from the medical establishment. So congratulations Wes! “I am pleased to report the American Academy of Neurology has agreed to be listed as a supporter of National Memory Screening Day, per the proposal presented to […]

Health Reform and Screening

Cognitive screening is gradually rising in public and government consciousness as something that makes sense. It should be done annually after 65. And it should be under user control. This is why at Cogolog we are promoting a system that allows our users to share their data with their doctors when and if they wish […]