BLT offers a series of tests at Cogolog for measuring and tracking memory performance. Memory performance can be a good indicator of Mild Cognitive Impairment “MCI” as an indicator for Alzheimer’s Disease, trauma or any factor such as heart disease that can impair brain performance. While these tests are not meant to be a diagnostic tool they are a quick and easy way to establish a baseline of brain performance over time. 

Cogolog results can be shared with your doctor or another member through a unique Cogolog feature, the review key. This allows a Cogolog member to provide an authorization key number to another member. This key allows the other member to review the results.

Brain Function News


I am at the International Conference on Fatigue Management in Transportation Operations. Anneke Heitmann has just presented the results of our three year study of sleep deprivation and alertness testing. Audience interest and participation was very good. Our booth in the exhibits room has attracted numerous interested parties from a great many different industries. We […]

Brain Busters

The web is a great place to test and exercise your brain. Remembering links, tabs and bookmarks takes memory capacity. Navigating each different site takes brain power. You can even find sites designed just for this purpose. Our is one of those but with a difference. It’s designed around the supposition that if the […]