BLT and Safety
Our tests for human performance are vital tools for ensuring safety in dangerous workplace environments. Used with good shift management and scheduling the BLT test provides another level of protection against fatigue and human impairment.

We have entered the smart phone/tablet world with an application that runs on both the iOS and Android platforms. Please see: Alertometer.

The tests are graphic, non-linguistic exercises designed to be enjoyable. They have been rigorously researched in clinical and field trials.

All BLT systems are patented. Research is funded by the CDC through National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Job Safety News

O Rings and Friendly Fire

Does sleep deprivation cause accidents? Of course not. But it is often a contributing cause. Too often. Could testing help reduce these kinds of accidents? In some cases – yes, it certainly could. A culture of awareness and responsible testing could have helped in the Challenger accident. On the battle field, I am not so […]

Shapes Used for a Test

Our entry of 2/5/05 spoke about the use of visual challenges for alertness testing. In response to requests for examples of shapes used in the BLT Alertness Test, here are a few. Obviously, these are very simple images, but they are sufficiently challenging when presented in groups of similar images (each row represents a similar […]

New Tests

The basic BLT Alertness test uses a set of shapes on the white squares of a small checkerboard. The challenge is to determine if all the shapes are the same or not. Since some of the shapes look similar and are randomly rotated, it can be difficult to tell if they are actually all the […]

A Pill for Alertness?

I talk a lot about alertness and its importance to safer work. And we emphasize getting enough sleep and eating properly. But what if it turns out that a simple pill will keep you alert? What if a pill can improve your memory? Well it seems, such medications are not that far away. In a […]

Oprah on the Brain

The recent issue of Oprah Magazine (Jan 2005) has an interesting series on learning and health. Its surprising what you will find in Oprah which is, I guess, one of the reasons for her success – she is always open to new ideas and approaches to life. Learning is one of the best ways to […]