BLT and Safety
Our tests for human performance are vital tools for ensuring safety in dangerous workplace environments. Used with good shift management and scheduling the BLT test provides another level of protection against fatigue and human impairment.

We have entered the smart phone/tablet world with an application that runs on both the iOS and Android platforms. Please see: Alertometer.

The tests are graphic, non-linguistic exercises designed to be enjoyable. They have been rigorously researched in clinical and field trials.

All BLT systems are patented. Research is funded by the CDC through National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Job Safety News

Fatigue and Performance

If a human testing technology is able to measure fatigue, is it also measuring overall performance? I would say yes it is, because fatigue affects many if not all aspects of performance. In other words, if someone is tired his/her performance is going to degrade across the board. And there is plenty of science to […]

Fatigue Issues in the US Army

Fatigue in the military is a major cause of errors. The following article from Soldiers Online Magazine ( provides an insiders view. I am surprised with the the study results that soldiers can maintain accuracy even when sleep-deprived. I need to see the results. However, obviously, other target related abilities are impaired. This will require […]

Medical Errors

It is now well established that many errors are made by doctors, nurses and interns. Some of these errors can be horrendous. Let me say immediately that doctors, nurses and interns are incredibly dedicated and careful. But the hours they work can be enough to put anyone into a state of exhaustion. Interns, for example, […]

Test Pilots?

If you look at the instrument panel of a modern aircraft you will note that the old analog instruments have been replaced with what is essentially a flat screen. The display is one big computer screen. In other words, almost anything can be shown. For example, we could use part of the display for a […]

Drug Testing

A JJ Keller article reminded me of how sensitive drug testing is. We do not condone any kind of drug use by workers engaged in dangerous activities. But it is important to focus on what matters: Can the worker perform safely and efficiently when called upon to do so? While drug use information may well […]