BLT and Safety
Our tests for human performance are vital tools for ensuring safety in dangerous workplace environments. Used with good shift management and scheduling the BLT test provides another level of protection against fatigue and human impairment.

We have entered the smart phone/tablet world with an application that runs on both the iOS and Android platforms. Please see: Alertometer.

The tests are graphic, non-linguistic exercises designed to be enjoyable. They have been rigorously researched in clinical and field trials.

All BLT systems are patented. Research is funded by the CDC through National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Job Safety News

New at Alertometer, Version 1.2

The upgrade of the Alertometer app to version 1.2 opens a world of surprising possibilities. An individual user can continue to use the app for personal testing but he/she can upload results automatically to a company database.This information may be tracked by a safety manager to insure the workforce is alert and prepared. To review […]

History Lesson

Dag Hammarskjold died in an air crash a long time ago but I can remember how shocked everyone was. This article adds a new twist to this story and I found it very interesting. I know its too long but still, interesting. And it does relate to modern flying although we know a lot more […]

Without a Clue

Extracts of this report from Carrol County, Georgia highlights what can happen with a fatigued and impaired driver. “A new report released by the Georgia State Patrol shows students were afraid of a Carroll County school bus driver who they say was fatigued and careless the day he flipped a bus, killing one student. Kenneth […]

BLT and PRISM in South Africa

Scheduling shift work to reduce worker stress and fatigue requires juggling a number of different factors at once. Testing can provide a last line of defense but good shift work management seeks to avoid putting workers in a position where they are likely to be tired and impaired in the first place. BLT continues to […]

So What will Alertometer App Do?

Many people have asked about what our new iPhone App system will do. Basically it converts the iPhone into a portable human impairment testing device and allows test results to be uplinked to a common server. A corporate safety manager will be able to link to his operators and ask them to test out at […]