BLT and Safety
Our tests for human performance are vital tools for ensuring safety in dangerous workplace environments. Used with good shift management and scheduling the BLT test provides another level of protection against fatigue and human impairment.

We have entered the smart phone/tablet world with an application that runs on both the iOS and Android platforms. Please see: Alertometer.

The tests are graphic, non-linguistic exercises designed to be enjoyable. They have been rigorously researched in clinical and field trials.

All BLT systems are patented. Research is funded by the CDC through National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Job Safety News


The railroads are starting to worry about some of the new regulations coming down from the Federal Railroad Association (FRA). The regulators are looking to automatic anti-collision systems. These systems are extremely expensive. Forget the fancy computers, just upgrade operator performance with alertness testing. I have a call in to the FRA.

Research Report

Our research report on testing is available as a download on the BLT web site. (Click the “Research Report” above and then select “Research Report” from the list of “BLT Publications”). This report provides background on the development of our software and explains how it was tested. Briefly, we conducted sleep deprivation trials for validity […]

Half Way to Goa

From the Times of India (24 May 09): “An Air India Jaipur-Mumbai flight flew well past its destination with both its pilots fatigued and fast asleep in the cockpit. When the pilots were finally woken up by anxious Mumbai air traffic controllers, the plane was about half way to Goa. “This nap in the sky […]

Tragedy in Buffalo

From the voice recordings of cockpit conversations we can begin to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragic end of Continental Flight 3407 in Buffalo, NY on Feb 12, 2009. The pilots apparently neglected to monitor their falling airspeed. Ice was evident on the windshield. Then there was a stall warning. Captain Renslow may have misinterpred […]

In Iraq

Some years ago we were called upon to submit a plan for the use of our technology by the Army Tank Corps. Tanks travel fast and in the hands of a fatigued/impaired driver can be deadly. We need to dust that concept off again. “WASHINGTON – The 130,000 American troops serving in Iraq are more […]