BLT and Safety
Our tests for human performance are vital tools for ensuring safety in dangerous workplace environments. Used with good shift management and scheduling the BLT test provides another level of protection against fatigue and human impairment.

We have entered the smart phone/tablet world with an application that runs on both the iOS and Android platforms. Please see: Alertometer.

The tests are graphic, non-linguistic exercises designed to be enjoyable. They have been rigorously researched in clinical and field trials.

All BLT systems are patented. Research is funded by the CDC through National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Job Safety News

Fatigue Management Conference in Boston

I am at the International Conference on Fatigue Management in Transportation Operations. Anneke Heitmann has just presented the results of our three year study of sleep deprivation and alertness testing. Audience interest and participation was very good. Our booth in the exhibits room has attracted numerous interested parties from a great many different industries. We […]

Drunk Pilots – Again?

At Heathrow Airport last Sunday a United Airlines pilot was arrested in the cockpit just prior to takeoff on suspicion of being drunk. He was. He would have taken the controls of the Boeing 777 had it not been for a last minute call from an observant ground crew. It could have been an extremely […]

Inattention at Metrolink

The Metrolink accident in Chatsworth, California last month cost 25 lives. The question is why. What can be done now. Immediate after the fact accident reports can often focus a single error. In this case the text-messaging engineer seems to have been at fault. But experience shows that safety failures come from system failures not […]

A Failed Policy Made Worse

The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates that transportation companies test their workers for drug use on a regular basis. This is done by testing urine samples. Over the years a range of evasive tactics have been developed by employees who don’t want to be tested and by companies that don’t want to spend the money […]

To the Oregonian

This article which I submitted to the Oregonian was not published. However it outlines some of the current issues facing legislators on the issue of worker testing. Clearly my article is promoting BLT technology, it’s an Op/Ed piece after all. The proposed new law was shelved. An Oregonian editorial, “Don’t Make a Bad Marijuana Law […]