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That remains true but Bowles-Langley Technology, Inc. has now merged with Predictive Safety, LLC. Together we can offer our customers significant new resources and support. Please check the contacts page for inquiries and support.

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Against Drug Testing?

As most readers know, I am not against urine testing per se. If it is seen as a campaign to stop the use of drugs, and it seems to work, well that’s fine with me. But urine testing has little to do with making sure workers are ready for work and it should not be […]


Roadside Screening

Driving under the influence of drugs is, of course, just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. And a new survey out of Scotland suggests that “drug driving” is surprisingly common. A survey of 1,072 young people (25-35) found that 20% had taken illegal drugs before driving. This study, conducted by More Than, […]


Provigil Is the Answer?

As many of my readers already know, there is a new and wildly popular drug called Provigil by Cephalon (generic name modfinal and is also marketed as “Alertec” by a rival company) to combat fatigue. Revenues from Provigil were $1.2 billion in 2005 and are growing. It is currently promoted to treat specific medical conditions […]


Red Bull is Not the Answer

Combining alcohol and Red Bull® reduces the ‘perception’ of impairment Alcohol’s harmful effects on motor coordination, however, remain intact Study results show that drinking alcohol and Red Bull® together significantly reduces the perception of headache, weakness, dry mouth and impairment of motor coordination. Red Bull® does not, however, significantly reduce alcohol-related deficits on objective measures […]


Staten Island Incident

We all recall the Staten Island ferry accident three years ago. In this incident a comuter ferry, after crossing New York Harbor, inexplicably ran into the dock, killing 11 people. The cause of this accident was difficult to figure, although it did seem to be a sudden lapse on the part of the pilot rather […]

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