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That remains true but Bowles-Langley Technology, Inc. has now merged with Predictive Safety, LLC. Together we can offer our customers significant new resources and support. Please check the contacts page for inquiries and support.

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My drive and another drive

My daughter’s flight came in to Oakland, California at 6:30 PM on Monday. I picked her up and we drove the 350 miles south on Highway 101 to Carpinteria. We stopped for a 30 minute dinner and got in at 11:30 PM, 6 hours of driving, no big deal. After dropping her off at school, […]


Nuclear Fatigue and the NRC

Think of the nuclear power industry and you think of controlled risk, of operators in huge control rooms monitoring dials and computer screens, all day every day, until something happens. And nothing much happens – a perfect formula for the conditions that promote fatigue and inattention. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission “NRC” is deeply concerned with […]



I am just going to quote this in full. Thank you DDC. Inattention and Fatigue Primary Causes of Workplace Accidents Jessica Walter, DDC Command Affairs During a recent Defense Distribution Center (DDC) Safety and Occupational Health Council meeting, DDC Safety Manager Dave Mack revealed the root cause of most workplace accidents: inattention and fatigue. According […]


We Don’t Want to Know (!)

We have had many meetings with top safety managers at some of the world’s leading operating companies. These men, and women, are immensely interested in impairment testing. They are well aware of how fatigue and impairment can undermine safety and, incidentally, the bottom line. But, occasionally, we get an astonishing reaction. “We do not want […]

09/30/2005 is Alive!

We have just introduced AlertnessCentral – our new alertness testing site. (You need a password to access the system.) Before we introduced our alertness system on the web, we wanted to be sure quality would not be compromised. We were concerned about data privacy and with security. We also wanted to be sure that test […]

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