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A quick test for alertness? We have that. Let us know what you need for your worksite or group.

That remains true but Bowles-Langley Technology, Inc. has now merged with Predictive Safety, LLC. Together we can offer our customers significant new resources and support. Please check the contacts page for inquiries and support.

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Drug Testing

A JJ Keller article reminded me of how sensitive drug testing is. We do not condone any kind of drug use by workers engaged in dangerous activities. But it is important to focus on what matters: Can the worker perform safely and efficiently when called upon to do so? While drug use information may well […]



This is dedicated to the concept of testing individuals to determine their condition before they begin potentially dangerous work. This location will provide a forum for discussion of issues related to job safety. And I will provide news as I hear about it relating to job safety and testing. I encourage contributions from interested individuals […]

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