The BLT focus is on practical applications of well proven brain testing technology. Students and scientists have found our tests useful for a variety of purposes in clinical trials. For example, at the University of Toronto students are using the basic BLT alertness test in measuring the effects of caffeine on human subjects.

BLT own studies on the effects of sleep deprivation are available.

Research News

Health Reform and Screening

Cognitive screening is gradually rising in public and government consciousness as something that makes sense. It should be done annually after 65. And it should be under user control. This is why at Cogolog we are promoting a system that allows our users to share their data with their doctors when and if they wish […]

Lack of Sleep Causes Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has just released its findings on an accident that occurred 3 years ago near San Antonio, Texas. It is rare for the NTSB to list fatigue as the primary cause of an accident. Usually something like equipment failure or operator error is indicated as the primary cause with fatigue […]